by Joel Grind

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I've decided to do what I did with the first single "Cross Damanation" and put this album up as a "name your own price" release with a suggested donation of $5. You are welcome to pay whatever you feel like paying or pay nothing at all.

Making a recording is far from free, your donation of any size goes toward supporting an independent artist and allows projects like this to continue. In my opinion, music being released direct from the artist to the fan with no middle men is the future...with your support of this project as well as similiar ones from other artists I think we can make a serious change in the way the music "biz" is run.

Thank you!

Preorders for the LP, as well as a limited edition bundle with LP, T-shirt, and bonus track available from here:


released January 15, 2013

Joel Grind


all rights reserved



Joel Grind Portland, Oregon

Musician / recording engineer living in Portland, OR. Sole founder and creator of Toxic Holocaust as well as writing a variety of different styles of music for movies, TV, video games and commercials.

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Track Name: Ascension (Intro)
Track Name: Hell's Master of Hell
Black witching metal sleaze
The seed of Satan flows
Brandish his hammer
And shove it straight below

Filthy sluts gather 'round to bear witness to his might
Tearing you with what he's got, you wont forget this night
Females cry, open wide, repent in degradation
Chant the rites to summon him through evil incantations

You wanted it
Now open up
You're begging to be pleased
Crawling on your knees
For the Master
Master of Hell

Sex and lust overtakes
As he desecrates your holes
Taken to the boiling point
Pulsing to explode

Bleed for sleaze!

Tortured in his rotten chamber
You're crying out in pain
You beg him please for his mercy
Then you fuck him once again
Track Name: Vengeance Spell
Stare into the Devil's eyes
Gain the power of the night
Wizardry to raise the corpse
Conjuring Satanic force

Vengeance Spell
Coursing all through your veins
Vengeance Spell

We walk the streets armed to fight
Our legions growing every night
Casting spells of secret oath
Vengeance now what we search

In this fight no one can win
Good and evil doomed to sin
Magic cast with no control
Stronger than our very souls

Onto the battle we march with deadly force
Striking with powers of Hell with no remorse
Track Name: Foul Spirit Within
Inhale the fire
It cooks my flesh
My body still gasping
Down on the floor
I lay with seething eyes
Searching salvation

When the 13th night arrives
I begin to collapse

A human form with a lupine brain
My teeth far too savage
Her blood was sweet
A rotten taste
Heart was still pumping

Feeling it enter my veins
It comes in a dream (Foul Spirit Within)
Feeling it enter my brain
It wasn’t a dream
Foul Spirit Within

The Foul Spirit Within

Laughter rings out so evil and pure
The silence still deafens
Her body draws me
Claws at my thighs
Eternal temptation
Track Name: Cross Damnation
On this night I sink my teeth into the flesh
Empty the veins and drink the sacred blood
I offer the goat to Satan
Draining the life in a chalice made of skull

On the winds of Lucifer I welcome you

I slash the bitch deep, rip into her breast
Now the pact is made in the virgins blood
Eternal offer to Satan
Watching her empty into a pool of red

On the winds of Lucifer I welcome you
Through the lies of Christ we march on...
Straight into Hell

Cross Damnation
Cross Damnation
For you I tear out my soul
Track Name: Grave Encounters
Tonight's the night where I let the evil in
The hour of Satan
The torch has been lit, the only source of light
Roaming the graveyard
Polluting the tombs across the barren earth
Coffins are broken
Darkness enshrouds, I drink the frozen blood
Cycle completion

Death will not save you

Grave Encounters

On the blackest night
I fuck the rotten corpse
Spreading it open
The fires of hell are burning in my heart
The seal is loosened
My morals are cast, a force I can't control
Becoming the demon
Inverting the cross in a fucking parody
Death cannot save you

Nothing can save you

We raise the corpse
Unearthed from its shell
We raise the corpse
Send me down to Hell
Track Name: Black Order
I am the rotten savior
I am the fallen angel
I'll take piss on your book of lies
Take a piss in the faithful's eyes

And all the pain manifests itself
As the order's force tears out your soul

Black Order

Unholy devil dogs of war
Satanic priest knocks down your door

And all your fear manifests itself
As the order's force tears out your soul

In cloaks of black we roam the night
Keep the bitch in chains and the leather tight
Mayhemic mayhem to raise the beast
Cause we need your fear to make a feast

Bow down
Track Name: The Eternal One

Around me flame the pentagrams
The star of force and fire
Within my breast The Eternal One
The infinite and immortal star
Track Name: Hail to Cruelty
Awakened by sounds at midnight
The chapels bell it tolls
March to the orders of Satan
Open our wounds in hell

See the body of the priest
Swinging from the tree
See the body of the fucking priest
Get on your knees and bow to me

Hail to Cruelty

The fires keep raging in Hades
Smoke has risen to earth
Blackened witch of cruelty
Rotten with the virgin's birth

Reapers of curse, black magic spell
Sentenced to burning in fires of Hell
The battle is on, with acid we take
Innocent bitches are burned at the stake
Track Name: Descension (Outro)

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